Origins of the Holy Grail

This green mountain is Mont Verdera in the Pyrenees of Catalonia, high above the Mediterranean. Our decades-long project began at this monastery because we realized that the creators of grail romance used its legends to dispute a basic Church doctrine and celebrate a special event in 849. This allowed these poets to raise the Eucharist symbolism to a cosmic dimension with the phoenix riddle of Hesiod, the "Greek father of didactic poetry" and contemporary of Homer around 700 BC. But it takes two other Greeks, Plato and Plutarch, to help us lift the ancient veils...

and reveal how the bishops of Rome dismiss the grail mystery because it replaces their concept of "the above" with an unorthodox alternative!

 Maître Chrétien    Skull & Bones 

  Triangles in the Sky    The Pujades Affair

        Urgell Secrets    Black Madonna  

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